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IGU Construction

Insulated glass unit is tight connection of two or more sheets of glass in a single structure. Fixed distance between the panes is provided by using hollow spacers that are attached to the glass, creating an additional layer of sealing. The spacer is filled with a dryer inside it that removes residual moisture from the inside of the glass unit, and the whole structure is sealed well on the perimeter. Between two pieces of glass, sealed at the perimeter, is located an isolating chamber filled with dry air or inert gas with a low thermal conductivity, usually argon or krypton. Depending on the number of chambers the windows can be divided into single-chamber (consisting of two glasses) or double (three glasses). Additional chamber enhances heat and sound insulation of glass unit, but on the other hand, increases the weight of the sash and the load on the loop.

Characteristics of glass unit is totally dependent on the characteristics of all construction materials. On the characteristics of the glass is completely dependent not only heat and sound insulating properties of the glass unit, but quantity of daylight passing through the windows. Therefore, by using different structural materials windows can be made, with properties meeting the requirements.