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JSC MEDALPAS in manufacturing of insulated glass units uses both aluminum and plastic spacers.

    Spacers in the pane performs important functions:
  • ensure a certain distance between the panes of glass;
  • primary frame of insulated glass unit;
  • holds the dessicant.

For the spacers are used aluminum, galvanized steel and a special plastic. In the design of modern IG unit spacer acts as a basic element, which is responsible for the rigidity of the IGU and its ability to withstand different types of loads. Spacer is a aluminum, steel, or welded plastick flexible profile with a perforation in two rows. Spacer is hollow inside, with special diffusion holes. Inside is dessicant, rapidly absorbing water in space between glass panes. This prevents forming of dew inside the IGU in the cold season.

    Advantages of spacers are obvious:
  • high resistance to UV rays;
  • tolerance to temperature changes in a quite wide range;
  • the safety for human health;
  • sensitivity to handling any sealing means;
  • long service life.

Aluminum spacers

The most common method of making IGU is the use of an aluminum spacer and the two-stage sealing connecting seam (butyl cord or ribbon - inseam between spacer and glass, and the secondary seal outer welded polysulfide mastic).

The main disadvantage of aluminum spacer is its high thermal conductivity, which in cold weather created a cold zone (a zone with low temperature) on the edge of the glass, ie in the construction of glass there is "cold bridges". As a result, the edge of IGU may be coated with condensate or frost.

To solve this problem plastic spacers are used.


SWISSPACER - warm spacer, which is made using a special composite material with very low thermal conductivity - 1,000 times less than that of aluminum. The metal layer is impermeable to frame reduced to a thickness of very thin foil, which has a negligible heat transfer. Spacer is available in two types:

  • SWISSPACER standard
  • SWISSPACER V with extremely thin stainless steel foil for maximum tightness and excellent adhesive sealant.

TGI spacers

TGI spacer are made from film of stainless steel and polypropylene foam. Applying those two materials together, you can get a "warm" edge. The main advantages of TGI spacers are as follows:

  • Low thermal conductivity and, as a consequence, very good insulation properties;
  • Increased surface temperature at the edge of the glass room ("warm" edge);
  • Improved performance for condensation;
  • good adhesion and secondary butyl sealant;
  • the surface frame resistant to UV radiation;
  • exclusive appearance;
  • TGI spacer can be cold bending and handling on all common facilities. During manufacture, the frame can be implemented in any geometric shape - a rectangle, triangle or circle.

Spacers Thermix

Thermix - a new high-quality product, which is a combination of stainless steel and plastic with high insulation properties. Thermix substantially exceeds the traditional boundaries of the metals in their thermal insulation properties, significantly reducing heat loss at the edge of the glass. In comparison with plastic Thermix has a higher hardness, which is important to make the mechanical strength of the assembly of IGU, and excellent adhesion to all sealants.

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