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Installation and operation of IG units should be in accordance with applicable building codes, regulations on building design and project documentation.

Before installing the IG unit a careful examination of each glass is needed. Not permitted to use IG units that are cracked or chipped at the ends, have broken corners, raised glass or peeling sealant.

Installation of IG units should be done by manual vacuum cups or traverse, fitted vacuum suckers, or by using another tool to the safety glass. Glazed windows have to be cared in a vertical position. Never prop up the corners of windows and put on a solid foundation.

When operating the IG unit the indoor temperature is recommended at least 5 °C and not above 30 °C and relative humidity approx. 60%.

    During storage and operation of IG units it’s not allowed:
  • • wiping with hard materials and materials containing abrasive inclusions;
  • • striking a hard object;
  • • cleaning dry glass with hard brushes without feeding rinsing liquid;
  • • prolonged exposure to moisture and dirt on the surface of the glass;
  • • sudden changes in temperature;
  • • operation in hostile environments.

Double glazing installed in the windows should be positioned no less than 0.2 m from the floor.

Double-glazed windows should be at least 0.3 m from the heating appliances.