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How to choose the right IGU

The characteristics of the IG unit, the largest part of the window, feature the window in general. Thereby the right choice of IG unit is very important.

Features of the IG unit depend on the sort and quantity of glass panes, the spacer, sealants and filling gas between the panes. When choosing the right IG unit the climatic conditions and the situation at home has to be kept in mind. If the window is glazed on the north side of the building, there is no reason for glazing with sun control IGU. For glazing of country house no noise reduction is needed. For example, a single-chamber IGU with argon and K-glass has the same good heat-protective properties as a standard two-chamber IGU, but not so good sound insulation.

If you have a non-standard size IG unit, please note that the maximum size of IG unit shouldn’t exceed 3,2x3,0 m.