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Standard IGU

Standard IG units are made from panes of clear float glass. They can be single-or dual-chamber.

In single-chamber standard IG units optimal distance between panes is 16 mm. Direct heat transfer becomes significant by reducing the distance and it leads to a significant increase in heat loss due to convectional heat transfer. Coefficient of thermal conductivity of a single-chamber IG unit 4-16-4 Uf=2,7 W/m²K. Replacing the air in the chamber by argon makes a slight improvement of thermal resistance.

Thermal resistance of double-chamber IGU is almost half better than the single-chamber. The thermal conductivity of triple-pane IG unit 4-12-4-12-4 is Uf=1,9 W/m²K.

Thermal performance of standard IG unit is more modest when compared with energy-efficient double-chamber IG units and solar IG units. So their use is limited by the premises in which no energy saving, no noise protection is subject to special requirements. In life it is advisable to set the standard IGU in rooms with windows facing the glazed loggia.