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Sun control IGU

Solar energy getting into the room through windows is not only the light, but also to a large amount of the heat. Additional heat is not always welcome, and if this amount isn’t adjustable, the excess heat can be quite a problems, though for cooling the room at 1 °C is 3-5 times more expensive than heating. Solar-control IGU solve this problem.

One way to reduce quantity the sun heat is the use of tinted glass in the manufacture of glass units. These windows are quite effective in protecting against solar energy (solar energy transmittance is reduced from 34% to 68% depending on color and color intensity). The main drawback of these glass remains heating the tinted glass because significant absorption of solar energy.

Lowering of the heating of tinted glass can achieved applying light-reflective film. The same film may be used for an ordinary transparent glass. Thus is reflected 20% to 40% of solar energy and even tinted glass is not very hot.

Tinted glass and reflective glass-coated film effectively protect the room from the penetration of solar energy. But their main disadvantage is that, together with the thermal energy the light is not passed into the room.

Solar control glass is a new generation of tinted or clear, covered with a multi-functional coating, which does not transmit infrared solar radiation, ie inhibits heat, but allows light radiation. Light transmission of the glass is not very different from an ordinary glass.