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Safe IGU

In the shock-resistant glazing is used at least one sheet of laminated, tempered or wired glass. Impact resistant windows are not just for anti-burglary protection of premises, although this remain very important, but also to prevent injuries from falling or broken glass, as well as to prevent the fire from spreading.

Impact resistant windows are not designed to protected from theft or fire. For economic reasons, production of such IG units is impractical. Impact resistant windows are essential for protection against vandalism. Penetration into the room through the double-glazed windows with shockproof glass would never be lightning, this may take more than 30 minutes, and sometimes a few hours, which allows to notice and respond to the break-in. Advantages of the shockproof glass in case of fire - they are to hold up at a certain time the spread of fire.

Impact resistant glass is used not only in the glass units, but also individually.