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MEDALPAS has got a certificate of conformity of quality management ISO 9001 to standard LST EN ISO 9001:2001 in 2000. ISO 9001 certification - a document issued by the rules of a certification system in order to confirm that the quality of work and services in the organization comply the requirements of existing standards ISO 9000. Certification ISO 9001 system is designed to improve the effectiveness of the quality management process designed to optimize and improve the performance and competitiveness of the organization, with the achievement of results as a reliable and stable partner.

The quality management system ISO - this is such a procedure for managing the entire enterprise in a market which is characterized by a coordinated activity of all its employees and departments are fully designed to ensure the quality of products or services, satisfying the consumer.

Since 2012, the products of MEDALPAS are marked with CE. CE marking - is manufacturer's declaration that its products meet the requirements of all applicable European Directives. For most products sold in the EU, CE marking and declaration of their respective binding are essential. The presence of the CE mark on the product provides free access to the European market.


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