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Quality and Environmental Policy

MEDALPAS provides high quality products. The aim is to supply to the market insulated glass units, consistent with international standards of quality and ecology.

MEDALPAS will promptly and strictly observe the technology to carry out orders. MEDALPAS ensures that the it’s made windows match the highest international standards of quality and customer needs.

MEDALPAS introduces advanced flexible insulating glass technology responding quickly to customer requirements.

MEDALPAS tries to effectively manage resources and costs, develop corporate culture, focused on achieving results.

    MEDALPAS undertakes:
  • Carefully observe and comply with international standards.
  • Analyze and respond to market demands.

Continuously updated production technologies in order to improve product quality and reduce the adverse impact on the environment.

Ongoing training of yhe personnel, the responsibility of each employee to ensure the quality of its work as well as products in general, guarantee the responsibility of each employee for the impact of their work performed on the environment.

The company's management plans and directs the activities of the process associated with product quality and performance of all obligations of the customer.

The responsibility of the plan to improve the efficiency of production, analysis of results and improvement of the company. Managers set company goals and objectives, as well as the main directions and goals of the organization in terms of quality as formally expressed by top management. The policy is intended to meet the client's interests within the capabilities of the enterprise, as well as the responsibility for the quality of the enterprise.

    Responsibility of the Company MEDALPAS:
  • Create the conditions for effective work;
  • Provide social security for the staff of the enterprise;
  • Do everything to stimulate creativity of employees;
  • Encourage staff to achieve high professional results;
  • Sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Lower adverse effects on the environment;
  • To lead the quality policy.