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About Us

MEDALPAS is founded in 1994 and is one of the first manufacturers of insulates glass units in Lithuania. Activities of the company are: production of the high-quality insulated glass units for glazing PVC, wood, aluminum windows and doors.

MEDALPAS uses only advanced technology and equipment in the production.

In 1994, as the first in Lithuania we have acquired Austrian line "Lisec" assembling insulating glass units. This allowed to automate the manufacturing process and thus to increase the productivity, and to ensure product quality.

Automatic line "Lisec" cuts and breaks the glass in sizes up to 6000x3210 mm.

MEDALPAS started to manufacture IGU with coefficient of thermal conductivity Ug = 1,1 W / m² K, using a low-e glass in 1999.

Investition of more than 4 million litas in 2003 made possible not only to increase the production area, but in fact to modernize the production process.

Setting the assembly line of insulated glass units "LISEC" of new generation in 2003 made possible to produce IGU in sizes up to 2700x5000 mm, as well as one-or two-chamber glass units up to 52 mm thick.

Machine for bending aluminum and plastic spacers was set in 2003. The equipment is intended for the manufacture of solid spacer, which ensures a high quality of the glass units.

MEDALPAS produces standard, energy-saving, solar, shock and noise protection insulated glass units as well as IGU with patterned glass and finishes. For the production of insulated glass units the glass of leading European manufacturers - PILKINGTON, GUARDIAN, AGC and SAINT GOBAIN – is used.